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    "Two unicorns have two horns. That’s the first theorem of Unicorn Theory."
    — History of math professor (via mathprofessorquotes)
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  2. Wednesday 17th September 2014

    Brilliant animated Ghostbusters .gif from Sony’s recent ‘Own Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray Today’ e-newsletter:

    To good not to share!

  3. Wednesday 17th September 2014


    Make sure to join us at @nctphx on December 18th for our 25th anniversary screening of GB2? The screening will also be a toy drive befitting @peppedup after admission with toy donation! #azgb #azghostbusters #az_ghostbusters #nctphoenix #gb30 #gb #ghostbusters #ghostbustersfan #toydrive

  4. Wednesday 17th September 2014


    "Peter, come in! You okay? Uh-oh. Man down! We’ve got a man down! Go, go, go!" -Ray

    (After running to the elevator.)

    "He’s been slimed! Again! Hustle over here and help him up, will ya?" -Ray

    "How did this even happen? I was covering the elevators!"" -Peter

    (From Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC. Subtitles are from GameFAQ file [Game Script PS3], which was provided by Mrmichaelt [of Ghostbusters Wiki ]. Permission for reuse of text provided by Mrmichaelt. File url: http://ift.tt/1nSFryN ) #GB30 #Ghostbusters

  5. Wednesday 17th September 2014

    Krispy Kreme celebrates Ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary with GB inspired Doughnuts!

    Krispy Kreme and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have teamed to mark the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters with treats inspired by the film.

    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters and the movies’ 30th anniversary edition Blu-ray release, Krispy Kreme is introducing Ghostbusters and Stay Puft marshmallow Kreme-filled Doughnuts from Monday 29th September 2014 through to Friday 31st October 2014 (Halloween) in the U.S. and Canada, reports License! Global!

    “We are so excited about the 30th anniversary ofGhostbusters and our collaboration with Krispy Kreme Donuts as well as the launch of our new Ghostbusters website,” says Greg Economos, senior vice president, Sony Pictures Consumer Products. “Both brands have an incredible legacy with consumers, and with exclusive donuts at Krispy Kreme locations and a retail promotion featuring the Blu-ray offering, we are confident everyone’s proton packs will be loaded.”

  6. Wednesday 17th September 2014

    Time Is But A Window - Dan Aykroyd talks about his vision for the future of #Ghostbusters

    With talk of the long-awaited third Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters III/Ghostbusters 3, still rumbling on and, more recently, rumors emerging of an all-female reboot, original co-creator and star Dan Aykroyd, who portrayed Ray Stantz, Ph.D. in the first two Ghostbusters movies, has revealed that he’s hoping for much more than just a one-off return, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

    Speaking in London where he was in town to promote his brand of Crystal Head vodka, the 62-year-old said that had been looking towards some of the bigger franchise models for guidance.

    "It’s beyond just another sequel, a prequel, another TV show. I’m thinking what does the whole brand mean to Sony?" he said. "What does Pixar and Star Wars mean to Disney? What does Marvel mean to Fox?”

    Aykroyd said that the entire Ghostbusters team — “the executives, the creatives, Ivan [Reitman, the director] and myself” — were now looking at the next 10 years. Earlier in year Reitman exited the director’s chair for the planned 2015 return, although he is still lined up to produce Ghostbusters 3.

    He added that the focus must be “not just another movie or another TV show, but what’s the totality of it? The whole mythology from the beginning of their lives, the end of their lives. Ghostbusters at nine years old, Ghostbusters in high school.”

    Using the Ghostbusters famous car Ecto-1, a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis, as an analogy, Aykroyd said that the entire concept was now sitting in the garage without paint, wheels, a motor or transmission. “It’s up on blocks, it needs new electronics, new everything,” he said. “That’s what we have to do. The whole vehicle of Ghostbusters has to be rebuilt. That’s the ambitious thinking that’s going on now. Taking on the model of Marvel where we take all of the elements that are in this movie and we put them out there as different ideas.”

    Aykroyd also added that he thought the idea of a female-led Ghostbusters was a possibility for the third or fourth film. “We need to write it,” he said though.

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  9. Friday 29th August 2014

    Dirty Lodger (Was It You?) Moosic Video

    Daily greet!

    Stand by your tessellators, it’s now time for Sandy’s Choice, a talent competition judged by a puppy broadcast LIVE from The Moosic Tavern, Jinsy’s number-one venue for live-music, featuring Master Croog and Joolian performing their original song, Dirty Lodger (Was It You?):

    Jinsy Praise Him!

  10. Tuesday 26th August 2014